Director, Programmer

Sama is an award-winning visual artist in Contemporary Art, Cartoons and Comics salons.

He studied at the visual arts school of Parque Laje in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2012 he lives in Portugal.

Sama is part of the direction of the film festivals “Shortcutz Porto” and the “Super 9 Mobile Film Fest”.

Author, and director of the 13-episode animation series “Motel Sama”, which was shown and co-produced by Canal Brasil.

He made the film “Motel Sama”, which premiered at the Luso Brasileiro Festival in Santa Maria da Feira.

Sama recently participated in several exhibitions, among them; APARELHO – Collective Exhibition, at the Espaço dos Artes dos Maus Hábitos, Porto – 2019, BLACKS FROM OUTER SPACE – Individual exhibition, at the Mindelo Cultural Center, Cape Verde – 2019, KILL THE PRESIDENT – Individual exhibition, with production by FITEI and Espaço Saco Azul, curated by Tales Frey in Maus Hábitos – 2019, Integrated in the exhibition ARTE URBANA em MUPIS da AMI, 2019, Participated in the artistic residency of TEP (Teatro Experimental do Porto) 2019 in the ANTIGONA project.

In 2020, he integrated the exhibition TERRITÓRIO in the collective exhibition UIVO, with the work “Sem Memória”.

At this moment he will exhibit at the Biennial of Gaia, integrated in an exhibition curated by Valter Hugo Mãe and in the exhibition “Político Poético”, an organized collective exhibition by Saco Azul in the city of Porto.

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