The new generation
of storytellers

SHORTCUTZ is one of the biggest short films programmers in the world and much more than just a simple short films screening organizer or festival.

Each SHORTCUTZ session is a celebration of creativity and artistic sharing.

SHORTCUTZ is an international urban short films movement, that aims to support and promote the new generation of storytellers worldwide: directors, actors, writers, producers, special effects artists, animators, etc.

SHORTCUTZ promotes the direct contact between young professional artists and the industry as well as live interaction between the teams and their public, creating a constant and stimulating presence of the new cinema in the cultural urban habits of our cities.


To promote and support young talents
of the new world cinema.

To promote the financial revenue
for the young filmakers’ work.

To promote the commercial distribution
of the young talents’ short films.

To promote the direct interaction
between artists and the public.

To promote the circulation of young
filmakers’ work around the world.

To promote a constant and stimulating presence
of cinema and art in the urban habits
and cultural DNA of our cities.

The numbers

– 22 cities (more cities coming soon).

– 11 countries.

– 4 continents.

– More than 2.000 sessions.

– More than 5.000 shorts screened.

– More than 150.000 spectators worldwide.

The awards

In our mission to promote the new generation of storytellers, every year, each city has its own anual awards ceremony, recognizing the best short films and technical accomplishments of the short films screened in their cities.

The SHORTCUTZ NETWORK will also promote the SHORTCUTZ NETWORK AWARDS, celebrating the winning short films and technical categories from all the network cities.

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