MORE THAN A FILM FESTIVAL, a celebration of creativity and artistic sharing.

SHORTCUTZ has an innovative format for the new short film authors.

We are on our way to become one of the most important references internationally in the promotion and support of the new world cinema and its young talents as well being an inspiring example of new forms of cultural intervention in our cities.

Our format is entirely FREE for new teams, filmmakers and audience.


If you are interested in being part of our NETWORK you can set up a team and start producing SHORTCUTZ sessions in your city. Since each city’s competition is national, we need to grow our network to give filmmakers everywhere a possibility to compete. 


If you are a new or accomplished filmmaker who wants to show your work and reach a targeted audience of film professionals and film lovers, you can submit your short film to any of our cities for free (national competition or guest). If your short film is awarded it may get the chance to compete at our GLOBAL ANNUAL AWARDS or INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

Read the submissions requirements here:

Check how to submit your short by choosing your desired city here: