Assim, Assim… (2010)


Five characters cross each other on a terrace, beginning a journey through their lives.

‘Assim Assim…’ is a film about relationships, about what we want for ourselves and what we cannot achieve.

Between good and bad relationships, loves and complications, anything can happen.

Director: Sérgio Graciano
Country: Portugal
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Dur: 16 mins 45 secs
Year: 2010

Producer: Sandro Terra
Screenplay: Pedro Lopes
Actors: Ivo Canelas, Isabel Abreu, Joaquim Horta, Albano Jerónimo, Sabri Lucas
Director of Photography: Miguel Manso
Costume Design: Dora Luís
Make Up: Ana Araújo
Art Direction: Inês Pedro
Sound: Jorge Reis
Original Soundtrack: André Joaquim
Editing: Sérgio Graciano

– Best Shortfilm January (2010)

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