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Every Tuesday | 20.00
de Kring
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 7-9 1, 1017 RP Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands (Leidseplein)
Since January 2013

Shortcutz Amsterdam is located at an exciting location on the 1st Floor of the social club de Kring!
A venue that is easily reachable with public transportation: Tram 1,2 or 10 (stop Leidseplein)
The screenings happen every Tuesday at 20:00. Entrance is and will remain open and free!
Our ambassador is the famous dutch actor Waldemar Torenstra.

A selection of “Short of the Month” will be screened at EYE, before the main feature film.
Our sessions will pause in July and August, to let you enjoy your Summer holidays knowing you won't be missing the best event in town.

By the end of the year, we will select the “SHORTCUTZ AMSTERDAM Winner of Year”. The winner film will tour the entire network and for the director there's an award of 5000€, to contribute towards the production of a new film. The film will be screened at EYE, as well.


For those who want to submit, the only 3 rules are:
. been made in the last 12 months,
. less than 15 minutes,
. related to the Netherlands (crew or story)
Please send the weblink to your film to
NO SUBMISSION FEE (of course).


Stichting Shortcutz Amsterdam
RSIN: 852271062

Address: Kabelweg 37, 1014BA Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0) 631580162

1. Board members and how the board is composed

Name: Gonçalves Mendes Rodrigues Ricou, Cláudia Alexandra
Date of birth | Place of Birth: 22-08-1976, Lissabon, Portugal
Title: Chairman

Name: Monteiro Gomes de Castro, Francisco
Date of birth | Place of Birth: 30-01-1978, Lissabon, Portugal
Title: Secretary

Name: Paula Pereira, Ana Sofia
Date of birth | Place of Birth: 27-09-1974, Maceira, Portugal
Title: Treasurer

2. Business plan (March 2013 version)
Read PDF

3. Remuneration / Compensation policy
There were no Remunerations/Compensations during 2013.

4. The purpose of the organization

SHORTCUTZ AMSTERDAM mission is to give spotlight to Dutch's professional and beginner filmmakers alike, promoting their works in the Netherlands and across the world through the vast Shortcutz Network.

5. Activities Report

. 9th January 2013 – 26th June 2013: regular program: Shortcutz Amsterdam Weekly Sessions
. 13th July * Best of Shortcutz Amsterdam special session: at de Kring, 20:00, Open and Free event
. 6th August * Participation in the popular event among the younger movie lovers ‘Loods of Film’, screening shorts during 2h of the event and having a dedicated space.
. 30th August * Marathon of New Dutch Cinema on the foundation Mediamatic.
. 3rd September 2013 – 10th December 2013: regular program: Shortcutz Amsterdam Weekly Sessions
. 14th January 2014 – 24th June 2014: regular program: Shortcutz Amsterdam Weekly Sessions
. During all period of the regular program we are screening Dutch shorts and promoting screenings to ours filmmakers in the other Shortcutz cities.
. 12th January 2014 at EYE, 19h00-21h00 – Shortcutz Amsterdam Award Ceremony
. February 2014: starting of Shortcutz Xpress Utrecht at Louis Hartlooper Complex

Board Meetings: 3rd June 2013 | 19th September | 12th February

6. Financial reporting
This value was ZERO for 2013.
September 24, 20131 year ago



'Canvas' is a film about the power of imagination. Outsider artist Jake McCord from Thomson Georgia, lives in a world he himself has created.

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November 21, 20131 year ago


BREAKING NEWS: OUR ANNUAL PRIZE HAS DOUBLED! The Best Film of the Year will now receive €10,000 into the production of a new film, thanks to the equal contributions of Camalot Amsterdam and Filmmore. As a result, the prize will now be known as 'Mr. Zee Cam-a-lot Filmmore Award'.

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October 23, 20131 year ago


Congratulations CHIEL ALDERSHOFF & BEN DE LOENEN from ## CANVAS ## our September's Winners and the 1st documentary to win Shortcutz Amsterdam !

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October 23, 20131 year ago


Shortcutz Amsterdam welcomes the last 9 films to join our 2013 competition and 4 films are already selected for 2014.

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"You need to get inspired, by people and by art. Shortcutz Amsterdam is a great way to have both, meeting new people and getting to know their work."

.Recent/Notable Works
Curator at FoamLab, Founder Artists Not Armies, Founder Brilliant after Breakfast

.Small Bio
Creative entrepreneur always looking to find new ways to connect the dots.

Founder Artists not Armies


.Recent/Notable Works
• Knight (Chevalier) in the Order of Oranje-Nassau
• DARK BLOOD with River Phoenix (this movie kept unfreleased during 20 years because of the death of its leading actor)
• THE VANISHING for 20th Century Fox, starring Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock.
• SPOORLOOS, the film won him many awards and was the Dutch entry for the 1989 Academy Awards.

.Small Bio
Director, producer and screenwriter George Sluizer is Dutch, but was born in Paris, where he attended the IDHEC film academy. He made his first film in 1961, HOLD BACK THE SEA, a documentary that won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

During the 1960s until the early 1980s he produced and directed many documentaries and TV specials. He also worked as a producer on numerous films, including Werner Herzog’s FITZCARRALDO and CANCER RISING with Rutger Hauer.

As a writer/director he made his first feature film in 1971, JOAO AND THE KNIFE, which was followed by TWICE A WOMAN with Anthony Perkins and Bibi Andersson, and RED DESERT PENITENTIARY.

With SPOORLOOS (THE VANISHING) in 1988 he received worldwide recognition. The film won him many awards and was the Dutch entry for the 1989 Academy Awards. In 1992 he directed a remake of THE VANISHING for 20th Century Fox, starring Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock.

In 1991 Sluizer directed an adaptation of Bruce Chatwin’s novel UTZ, starring Armin Mueller-Stahl (Best Actor in Berlin 1992), and in 1993 DARK BLOOD, kept unfinished because of the death of its leading actor River Phoenix. CRIMETIME followed in 1995, a thriller about the dangerous effects of reality TV, starring Stephen Baldwin and Pete Postlethwaite. In 1996, Sluizer produced and co-directed the nostalgic comedy DYING TO GO HOME and in 1997 he directed THE COMMISSIONER with John Hurt and Rosana Pastor. And in 2002 THE STONERAFT based on the novel by Nobel Prize laureate José Saramago.

During his career, Sluizer has directed films in six different languages and regards himself as a truly European director. A master of the thriller genre, Sluizer is known for his unique signature, his “going to the edge” and “search for one’s limits”.

“My strength as a filmmaker lies in my beliefs and convictions, and not in the ‘communis opinio’ of too many people. Filmmaking for me is a combination of my personal vision with what I think the audience wants to see. Finally, I only provide the cornerstones, the audience has to put the story together, reinvent it according to their moods and feelings. But I do not deny I have a basic instinct to disturb.”

Director, producer and screenwritter


"I think the challenge for filmmaking now and for the future can be found in sharing. Sharing experience, sharing knowledge, ideas etc. I think Shortcutz Amsterdam is about sharing."

.Recent/Notable Works
Working for Bonanza Films, he was awarded with a Golden Calf for the best feature documentary in 2008 with ‘Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies’, by director Coco Schrijber. The narration was performed by John Malkovich.

A year later he worked with Bonanza Films on ‘Last Words’ by Lieshout, Hagers and Van Brummelen, a film about and with Michel Houellebecq. Iggy Pop composed the music for his film, later to be released as the album ‘Preliminaires’.

Recently he produced with Bonanza Films: ‘Parts of a Family’ a Mexican co-production with filmmaker Diego Gutierrez, ‘The Price of Heaven’ (2012, nominated for a Prix Europa), by Jack Janssen, ‘The Potato Eaters’ (2011), by Arno Hagers, ‘Daughters of Malakeh’, (2011) by Jet Homoet and Sharog Heshmat Manesh.

.Small Bio
Harmen Jalvingh is an inspired producer of documentaries. He has been making documentaries for the last 15 years, at international, national and regional level. He accompanied and counseled many filmmakers – experienced and starting – through the process of making their film.

He worked for different production companies in the late nineties and the Dutch broadcaster VARA.

Since 2004 he works for Bonanza Films in Amsterdam, driven by dedication for filmmaking, storytelling, art, music and social consciousness. Cinematographic distinct.

Producer for Bonanza FIlms


"My aim for Shortcutz Amsterdam is to bring it to the attention of a very broad public.".Recent/Notable Works "All the things we do at Mediamatic."

.Small Bio
"I studied art history and sociology at Groningen university. Started mediamatic magazine with Willem Velthoven in 1985. I am director of Mediamatic Foundation since 2001."

Director of Mediamatic Foundation


.Recent/Notable Works
Feature films ‘Tirza’ and ‘Süskind’, both directed by Rudolf van den Berg

.Small Bio
Born in Amsterdam 23rd November 1950.
Majored in English Language and Literature at the University of Amsterdam, 1976.
Was active as a journalist, writer, translator, publisher and bookseller.

Made a documentary portrait, together with Ad’s-Gravesande, of cinematographer Louis van Gasteren (Een kettingzaag voor het verleden, NPS, Het Uur van de Wolf, première IDFA 1997).

Joined Cadenza Films bv as managing director and producer 1st March 2000.

Produced, together with international film producer Pierre Spengler, the English spoken feature film Snapshots, a romantic comedy with Burt Reynolds, Julie Christie, Carmen Chaplin and Pierre Bokma. (Directed by Rudolf van den Berg, 2001).

Developed several documentary and feature film projects, with support of the European Media Program and the Dutch Film Fund.

Produced, together with San Fu Maltha (Fu Works), the feature film Tirza, after the bestseller by Arnon Grunberg, with Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Sylvia Hoeks, Johanna ter Steege, Nasrdin Char. (Directed by Rudolf van den Berg, 2010).

Produced, together with San Fu Maltha and Reinier Selen the feature film Süskind, an epic war drama, based on true events, with Jeroen Spitzenberger, Karl Markovics, Nyncke Beekhuyzen, Katja Herbers, Nasrdin Dchar. (Directed by Rudolf van den Berg, 2012).

Producer at Cadenza Films

LASER 3.14

"I hope to see some good inspirational works by filmmakers. I think there are a lot of talented people working out there so this is a chance to see a lot of work. Ever since I was a kid I loved movies (especially 70’s cinema) and read as much as possible about the subject.

I don't vividly follow Dutch cinema but there are a couple of really good ones made like, Soldier of Orange, Spetters, The Assault, Abel, Karakter, De Tweeling. I think the Dutch film industry should also focus on a couple of more unconventional gutsy films. It’s been playing it a bit too safe for my taste (But so does the American Film Industry)."

.Recent/Notable Works
Ruins Of A Failed Deception (somewhere on builder boards in the city), Steel Laser-cut powder coated shield titled ‘It Feels Perfect To Be Imperfect’ and a new silkscreen titled ‘Baby It’s Happening Now’.

.Small Bio
Started out as a graffiti artist in the early 80’s, worked as a illustrator, comic book artist throughout the 90’s and progressed to street poetry.

Post-punk street poet


[dcs_small] "Go Short! We more and more consume our content through mobile, tablets and media like Facebook. Short form is an ideal means of telling your stories through those media and devices. Still 10 x 6 minutes together is 60 minutes, so one hour. Long form again. Use the new media reality in your advantage."

.Recent/Notable Works

.Small Bio
"Together with three partners I founded EU1 in 2011. EU1 is a film and television platform. It’s a place where film and television makers can find support for a new projects through sponsoring and/or crowdfunding, but more importantly broadcast online and in the livingroom on the television through founding partners UPC and Ziggo. Also I'm co-owner of World of Mouth, a creative communications company. We focus on story telling. We give engagement through creating compelling text, images and video. We have become a world of 'hearsay' and we use that new reality as main communications channel."

Founder of World of Mouth and Co-founder of EU1


"Great feature films or fresh and important developments in some national film industries were often preceded by daring, surprising and creative shorts. I hope to be surprised, touched, fascinated by the shorts presented in Shortcutz Amsterdam and I'm particularly hoping for creative shorts that are remarkable both in form and in content."

.Small Bio
René Wolf (1963) studied political science and communication in Nijmegen. He worked in Filmhuis Arnhem as a volunteer (1985-1988) before starting to work at the Filmmuseum. Since 1988 he worked in several positions at Filmmuseum, now EYE, mainly in publicity, programming and distribution.

Head of Aquisitions / programmer EYE - THE NEW FILM MUSEUM


.Recent/Notable Works
Life is an Art, Paper Parachutes, The Dark Knight Rises (OST), Amsterdam Heavy.

.Small Bio
VINCENT VAN OMMEN made his motion picture debut as the immortal witch hunter "Elijah" in REIKI. That same year he starred as a serial killer with dissociative identity disorder in the thriller 'Life is an Art'.

In 2011 the Cannes Film Festival named him 'Young Talent' for his performances in both 'Paper Parachutes' and 'Amsterdam Heavy'. He has the lead role in the independent film A Morass in which he plays a secret agent who failed his last mission but gets one last chance with a cryptic objective: Find Sterns.

Van Ommen is a Dutch actor who has studied acting and stage & film combat. He was raised in The Hague, The Netherlands and frequents between Amsterdam, New York and London.



.Recent/Notable Works
Lijn 32, Bride Flight, Gelukkige huisvrouw, Mixed Up and Divorce

.Small Bio
After a year economics at University of Amsterdam, Waldemar went to the Theater school Amsterdam. He Played in several theater plays (Hamlet, Othello, Sympathy for the devil, Anna Karenina, Karakter and Emmie@Leo), films and Television series.

He also was the founder of the Dutch Actors Guild ACT.

Actor and founder of Act-Acteursbelangen Organisatie

The Dutch Tax Administration has classified Shortcutz Amsterdam Foundation as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI).
All our supporters can deduct a % of their contributions in taxes.
Shortcutz Amsterdam is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)
I Am Expat
de Kring
Lloyd Hotel
Phanta Vision
We Want Cinema


Having trained in the areas of Georesource Engineering (IST), Management Control (ISCTE), Styling and Image Consultancy (Lisbon Fashion School), Drama, Modelling, Interior Designer and Contemporary Dance, Alexa Rodrigues spent seven years as an actor at the Lurdes Norberto Theatre, while also working as a model, image consultant, event organiser and producer of video clips.

She recently worked as director’s assistant on Luís Alves’ film “Branco”, alongside a cast that included Nuno Melo, Joaquim Nicolau and Fernando Ferrão, amongst others.

In 2012, she moved to Amsterdam to become executive producer, presenter and curator for Shortcutz Amsterdam. Alexa continues to write a monthly column for
Executive Production and Communication


Creative Director


Cintia Taylor is an international journalist and writer working in English out of Amsterdam.

She focuses on character-driven stories with high emotional charge and interpersonal relationships. She is currently working on two feature films, several short-stories, and is co-writing a play.

Cinema has always been part of her. It were films which inspired her to make some of the most important decisions in her life. Her first word was ‘dog’.
General Info:

de Kring
Zee Cutz