Maus Hábitos
R. de Passos Manuel 178, 4º Piso
4000-382 Porto
Wednesdays, 10pm


It all started in September 2010.

Today, over 200 editions, SHORTCUTZ PORTO become more than a monthly film festival, it is a platform for meetings between directors, producers, actors, public festivals, schools and all stakeholders in the film area. This platform tries to increasingly expand to achieve a real circuit of short films between the cities involved.

In each session three short films are shown, always presented by members of his creation and production team. One of the short films is invited (national or international) and the other two are part of the competition for the best short film of the month.

It is certainly a space for gathering film which promotes and encourages the production of short films and is already writing its history in the city of Porto.



If you are a filmmaker, be sure you send us your work, just make sure you follow these simple rules:

  • For our competition short films cannot be older than one year nor be longer than 15 minutes.
  • Also, the short film must be related to Portugal in some way (someone from the team, shooting location, etc.)
  • Send us a link to the film or a file through e-mail, together with the information needed to identify it: your name, name of the short film you are submitting and also information regarding the production of the film.

    This is where you should send us a link: porto@shortcutznetwork.com

    There is no submission fee.

    NOTE: These rules do not apply to the guest short films we also screen, so if you think you are eligible to be a guest at one of our sessions send us an e-mail and we will consider it.


    Jury members will not vote if involved in any short film on the competition.