Atlas Hostel
Rua Barão de Viamonte, 59, Leiria
Thursdays, twice per month


A cultural movement is bubbling all around Leiria. But there is one spot where all the bubbles meet: the Atlas hostel. More a bar than a hostel, it became the place where the local artists, musicians and alternative forward-thinking personas all meet at night. This could only be “the place” where the Shortcutz movement in Leiria would be born.

Every two Thursdays per month, Shortcutz Leiria will be presenting two short films in competition and one guest film, bringing the artists for sharing and debating ideas in a cozy place fueled by good vibes only. The bar is right next room. Come and grab a drink.

Every two months, the Jury will choose a winner. At the end of the season, in December, the 5 winners along the year will be competing for the annual Best Short Film on Shortcutz Leiria.

Our audience is also invited to participate, and we will also reveal the Audience Award on the last screening of the season.

Don’t forget — every two Thursdays per month, at Atlas Hostel, Leiria will be Shortcutzing! Oh, but we will be on the beach by August.



All applicants must send a submission to the e-mail leiria@shortcutznetwork.com with the following info:

  • Film Title
  • Technical sheet – year, country, running time, synopsis, team & cast
  • Film stills
  • Screener (on Vimeo or another platform)
  • Contact (e-mail and telephone)

The films should meet the following criteria:

  • Produced in Portugal or having Portuguese members on the team or being shot in Portugal or all the above
  • Produced in the two years before the application date
  • Maximum 20 minutes

Any genre, technique or subject are welcome.

The director or other team member must be available to visit Shortcutz Leiria and present the film.

Only the selected films will be contacted by the organization.