Ana Catarina Pereira is Professor in University of Beira Interior, with a PhD in Communication Sciences, from the same university.

Researcher in LabCom center, she has a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a master’s degree in Human Rights from the University of Salamanca.

Worked for several years as a journalist and collaborated with the publications Notícias Sábado and Notícias Magazine (Diário de Notícias), newspaper I, Focus magazine, Up (TAP group), Saber Viver, Happy Woman, among others. She was co-founder and director of the online Magnética Magazine.

She is the author of the books The female-director: From art through art to an aesthetics of differentiation (2016) and the Study of the Textile Worker Sector of Cova da Beira (2007). Has co-organized the books Cinema and Other Arts: Dialogues and artistic concerns (volumes I and II); Reflected films; UBICinema 2007/2017; Invisible Generation: The new Portuguese filmmakers; and Poetry Collection – Poetas do Fundão, among others (titles translated from portuguese version).

From 2017 to 2019 she was the director of the degree in Cultural Sciences and currently integrates the Commission for Equality of UBI.

Since 2017, she coordinates the group work of Film Studies of the Portuguese Communication Society (Sopcom).

She is also the author of several scientific articles published in national and international journals and has ministered conferences, training courses, workshops and master classes in Brazil, Spain, England and Sweden, among other countries.

Her research interests focus on feminist studies, film studies, cultural studies, pedagogy in the arts, Portuguese cinema and other minority cinematographies.

Anabela Dinis Branco de Oliveira is auxiliary Professor at the University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro and researcher at Labcom.IFP.

PhD in Comparative Literature, focus its scientific research in interarts studies, particularly in the relationship between literature and cinema (António Lobo Antunes), literature and architecture, and also Manoel de Oliveira, Fellini and Jacques Tati’s filmography.

Teaches several seminars within the filmic discourse analysis and dialogical relations between cinema and other arts.

It has papers presented at multiple conferences and publications in national and international journals.

Invited lectures at the universities of Paris III, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Utrecht, Warsaw, Lublin and Gdansk.

Participation in juries and workshops at festivals and exhibitions of film schools (Avanca, MIFEC, Festival de Cinema de Ourense, Festfilm-Montpellier, Cinanima, São Tomé Fest Film, Arroios Film Festival, Porto Femme International Film Festival)).

Member of jury at ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual (2014-2020).

Director of RIOS – Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental e Transmedia.

Pedro Almeida has a degree in New Communication Technologies from the University of Aveiro and a doctorate from the same university in Communication Sciences and Technologies.

Actually he is a lecturer and supervisor in the Communication and Art Department in an undergraduate degree (New Communication Technologies), a master degree (Multimedia Communication) and doctoral degrees.

He is a professor, among others, of the couse of Scriptwriting, Audiovisual Production and Direction and AV Content for New Media.

He also coordinates the annual event of short films, Made in DeCA, which takes place at Teatro Aveirense.

As a member of the Digimedia Research Unit and the Social iTV group he develops his research in crossmedia and transmedia narrative areas.

He has been responsible for several projects in the area of ​​Interactive Television (Social) contributing to the understanding and redesign of the new television consumption ecosystem.

Rui Raposo has a degree in New Communication Technologies and a PhD in Communication Science and Technologies from the University of Aveiro.

He is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Art from the University of Aveiro and is also a researcher at DigiMedia DigiMedia – Digital Media and Interaction Research Center where he develops work on the role of Information Technologies Communication communicational instruments for the mediation of challenges inherent to work-related with intangible heritage.

He teaches in the undergraduate degree in New Communication Technologies and the Master degree in Multimedia Communication – Digital Audiovisual at the University of Aveiro.

In this context, he has supervised final projects and several master’s research projects in the area of ​​digital audiovisual content production.

He is a member of the evaluation panel of the Aveiro Young Creator Competition in the areas of Digital Art and Audiovisual Content.

He as also participated in the organization of MadeinDeCA, an annual event to promote and reward audiovisual works (short films) made by students from the undergraduate and master programs in Science and Communication Technologies at Communication and Art Department of the University of Aveiro.

Susie Filipe (Anadia, April 13, 1988) is a Portuguese actress and drummer.

Having gone through various performing arts, such as ballet, ranch and artistic gymnastics, she chose to dedicate herself especially to theater and music.

She started her theatrical practice with Jorge Manuel Fraga at Gretua – Experimental Theater Group at the University of Aveiro. Later, she worked at the Aveiro Theater Company, where she integrated four productions, working with Rui Sérgio, Bruno and Nuno dos Reis, João Fino and Vítor Correia.

In 2013, Susie moved to Lisbon to study acting with Guilherme Filipe, John Frey, Vítor Norte, Filipe Crawford, São José Correia, among other well-kown actors.

At the same time, Susie is a founding member of the band Moonshiners, with whom she has already recorded three albums – “Moonshiners”, “Good News For Girls Who Have No Sex Appeal” and “Prohibition Edition” – and toured the country from north to south, Europe and Canada.

In 2016, she was part of the official video of the new Volkswagem Up! and starred in her first film in Portuguese cinema, “Uma Vida Sublime” by Luís Diogo.

Since then, she has worked with brands such as Douglas Cosmetics, Lycra and Albuquerque Drums.

In 2017, she was featured in the films “O Caderno Negro” by Valeria Sarmiento and “A Herdade” by Tiago Guedes, in 2019, both produced by Paulo Branco, Leopardo Filmes.

Still in 2019, she recorded the new film by Joaquim Pavão with a premiere scheduled for 2021 and began her most recent musical project – SIRICAIA.

In 2020, she will be part of the cast of “ESTRO / WATTS Poetry from the Age of Rock”, a project by Gonçalo Amorim and Paulo Furtado, produced by TEP.