The format/concept and brand SHORTCUTZ are intellectual property and registered trademark of LABZ NETWORK.


    The SHORTCUTZ NETWORK is composed by the teams of the various cities with SHORTCUTZ sessions, coordinated by the LABZ executive and creative director that has rights to:

  • Veto any measure that will go against the fundamental principles of the SHORTCUTZ concept.
  • Propose alterations to the initial format of the project.
  • Propose the alteration of teams that aren’t fulfilling the idealized objectives for each city.

The board of directors of LABZ network has to be always informed, beforehand, of all and each type of actions that are thought by the teams for the SHORTCUTZ project in each city.

Any change about the functionality of the sessions or deals with partners and sponsors have to be, first of all, aproved by the head of LABZ NETWORK.


  • Exhibition of three short films, with free entry and always presented by members of their creative and/or production teams.
  • Conversation with a special guest.

Two of the shorts will be part of the competition for ‘best short of the month’ and the other one will be a guest short.

The special guest will be a recognized professional in the audiovisual scene that will share and discuss his/her opinion and knowledge with the short films teams and the general public.

In the end of each month, the SHORTCUTZ jury from each city will analyse all the competing shorts and choose the winner for that month.

Note: These guide lines are not rigid and can be adapted.



  • Produced in the country where the sessions take place or have members of that nationality in the creative or technical teams.
  • Maximum of 15 minutes in duration.
  • Maximum of two years since its completion.


The guest short films don’t need to follow the specifications for the competing shorts and will be directly invited by the SHORTCUTZ teams from each city, taking into account the relevance that the short has in the national or international audiovisual panorama.


All SHORTCUTZ collaborators participate in the project through a voluntary regime.

The network’s objective is, whenever possible, to arrange a financial support for the teams through subsidizes, sponsors, advertising and/or investors.

After being approved by the direction of LABZ NETWORK, the collaborators will have total autonomy and independence to manage the SHORTCUTZ project in its city.

    Always following the main guide lines of the SHORTCUTZ concept, each team will be responsible for:

  • Choose the members for their team.
  • Determine the periodicity of their sessions: once a week, every two weeks or once a month.
  • Choose a venue with all the technical requirements to hold the sessions and undertake all the necessary negotiations with the venue management.
  • Choose the members of the jury.
  • Create the graphic looks for the communication of their sessions.
  • Create and manage communication channels for their sessions: Facebook Pages, webistes, blogs, Instagram, etc.
  • Programme the session’s shorts, get the exhibition authorizations and contact the teams and special guests to attend.
  • Coordinate the jury voting process.
  • Scout for partners and sponsors.


Through the SHORTCUTZ NETWORK database, all teams will have access to all shorts, contacts, information, synergies and partnerships of the other SHORTCUTZ cities, in order to create and leverage a network that is creative, flexible and practical, in constant interactivity and growth.


SHORTCUTZ has the aim to become an international reference in promoting young filmmakers and their work around the world.

The circulation of short films, their authors and technical teams through its network is one of the main SHORTCUTZ’s objectives.

Before having access to the international SHORTCUTZ NETWORK screenings, all short films must be part of the programming in one of their country’s SHORTCUTZ sessions.


Each city teams will have total autonomy and independence to manage the partners and financial sponsors for their sessions.

Every partner or financial sponsor will always need the LABZ NETWORK approval before the agreement can be made.

In terms of financial sponsoring, each city is entitled to the totality of the value achieved.

LABZ NETWORK will have a 10% executive comission of the total value of a sponsorship if that agreement is made by the LABZ NETWORK itself.