For a city to have a SHORTCUTZ NETWORK website official page, the team must provide the following information and material:

  • BACKGROUND CITY PHOTO – A photo representing your city (min 1920px x 1080px).
  • COVER PHOTO – A photo/image representing your city SHORTCUTZ sessions (min 800px width).
  • MAIN INFORMATION – Venue’s name, venue´s address and when your city sessions take place (day of the week/month and at what time).
  • PRESENTATION – A text presenting your city sessions.
  • EXTERNAL LINKS – Your city SHORTCUTZ communication (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and venue’s website.
  • PHOTO GALLERY – A selection of photos that best represent your city’s SHORTCUTZ sessions (min 10 photos, min 800px width).
  • SUBMISSION DETAILS – Information about the details so a short-film can be selected for screening/competition at your city SHORTCUTZ sessions.
  • JURY PRESENTATION – A small text introducing your city jury (optional).
  • JURY MEMBERS – For each jury member we need a photo, his/her profession and a small bio.
  • PARTNERS – For each partner we need the logo and the link to its website.
  • TEAM MEMBERS – For each team member we need a photo, his/her role in the team and a small bio.

IMPORTANT!!! All information must be in english.

Note: You can add more photos, videos or specific information to your page. You just need to give us the material and the details (Youtube/Vimeo links, legal information documents, pdf files, etc).


If your city has one or several paying SPONSORS, we can customize your page to give them the maximum visibility possible. Please contact us for details.